What’s up? My favorite person in the entire world was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer stage IV on August 11, 2014, which is also her birthday. Yeah, dude! It DID totally suck. But being the amazing person she is, my mom chooses to fight everyday against the awful purple people eater and her dreary fate. It’s not gonna be easy, but hey, why the hell not? (WTHN!) If you’re in the mood for a lil’ Go, Fight, Win!-inspo read more….

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  1. Sorry to hear about your Mom. I lost my grandma in 2009. Just wanted to share this info. There are people you can contact! If you haven’t already, give our Patient and Liaison Services (PALS) program a call. PALS is a comprehensive and free service that can provide personalized information to you and your mom. Contact a PALS associate Monday – Friday 7 a.m. – 5 p.m. Pacific Time | Toll-free: 877-272-6226 | Email: pals@pancan.org


      • Hi Niketa! Thanks for the info. I’m sorry (and angry) to hear about your grandma. We’ve learned a lot from resources like PANCAN, Lustgarten, pancreaticcancer.org, pancreatica, etc., however pardon us if we don’t get as stoked as PANCAN/PALS about a new chemo drug that increases lifespan by a whopping two months. We’re tired of BS, and we’re not fighting for quality of life… We’re in it to win it! Let us know if you’d like to be a part of something that pushes all expectations and limitations… WTHN! (We think NEGU is a stupid phrase and have swapped it for Why. The. Hell. Not.) Thanks for reading!


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